Helpful Tips for Commercial Truck Driving

Driving a large vehicle is not as easy as driving a car. While you are doing the same action, driving a truck particularly if it’s a commercial vehicle requires the proper skills and techniques. Owing to its large size, there are some maneuvering actions that you need to be careful in doing to ensure a safe journey to your destination.

Turning on a curve. Drivers of huge trucks notably the 10 to 18-wheeler types need to take it slow when taking sharp curves. The trick is to slow down as you approach the curve and power through once you’re on the curve. Remember not to let the trailer push you as you pass through the curve but instead keep a pull on the trailer.

Looking ahead. When driving, make it a habit to look ahead of the road and not just what’s in front of your vehicle. By doing so, you will be prepared for what’s ahead and adjust your speed appropriately. For example, learning how to judge distance and the situation ahead will allow you to slow down a bit when you another truck or car coming up that wants to get out of a slow moving vehicle in front of them.

Be considerate of the small vehicles. Despite the large size of the vehicle you’re maneuvering, don’t feel as if you’re already the king of the road. You still need to be considerate of the cars passing by you or traveling beside you to keep the traffic smooth-flowing. Don’t be in a rush and cut in front of cars and always be mindful of the blind spots.

Driving on two lane roads. If, for instance, there is a long traffic ahead on a two-lane road you are on, you can try to get out of it by making a right turn and going through the shoulder if there is any. In this way, the other vehicles can keep moving.

Be a calm driver. Never let your emotions rule you while you’re on the road. Keep a cool disposition especially for long-haul trips to enjoy a safe and smooth journey to your destination. To avoid getting upset, just follow traffic regulations and be patient with the other drivers. It’s best that you’re the one who understands than be the one to flare up when things go wrong on the highway you’re passing through.

Bring your essentials. Whatever the distance you’ll be traveling, don’t forget to bring your truck’s important tools and your personal items as well. These should include your water, towels, extra shirts and food. Don’t expect that they’ll be restaurants along the way all the time. It’s best to be prepared so you won’t go hungry during your trip.

The proper handling and maintenance of a commercial truck are taught in a CDL training course. This is offered by vocational trucking schools for the purpose of training aspiring drivers who wish to enter the commercial trucking industry as an employee or operator.

The CDL course normally involves both classroom lectures and hands-on experience. A legitimate school should have experienced faculty members and proper facilities including a real functioning truck and driving range where students can practice truck driving.

Truck Driving Schools – Your First Step To A Rewarding Career!

Truck driving schools have had to meet the demand of the growing number of young drivers who are entering into one of the most in demand professions there is. By deciding to enroll at a truck driving school in any state of the USA, you have already made the decision that truck driving is the profession for you, but you are most probably confused at the number of truck driving schools, the different costs and programs, and wonder which one you should choose. Quite often truck driving schools can be quite costly, and if you are in other employment it may be difficult to arrange your tuition around your present work.

Finding a truck driving school location that is near where you live is the first thing to do. Then you will need to check on their courses, and how accredited they are and what other options they have. Some of the truck driving schools are run through local colleges so make sure you check these out as well. It can cost from $1400 to well over $5000 to receive your training at a truck driving school, of course this varies depending on how much training you need, and what sort of truck you want to drive. Some trucking companies will assist you with the cost of going to a truck driving school, but you would have to have an agreement with them to work for an arranged amount of time after.

There are also financial programs in place by many of the truck driving schools in which will assist with the costs, and these will then usually be payable over a certain period of time. If you find a truck driving school that offers just what you need but the costs are high, then look to see if you can implement one of these options. Many truck driving schools also will have placement programs in place. This is where graduates of the truck driving school are found employment in the trucking industry. There is also plenty of help available for new drivers from truck driving schools from the various recruiting and placement departments.

Finding the right truck driving school in America, is such a small investment in your future. Once you find a truck driving school that meets your budget requirements, location and course structure, then you will be well on your way to earning big bucks.But, make sure you’ve done your job correctly, and selected the truck driving course that fits your individual needs.You’ve three main categories of educational facilities:- College and university based vocational courses.- Industry based (transport companies) truck driving training.- Professional schools for commercial drivers.

Make sure, that the program you’re going to attend, is accredited with the Professional Truck Drivers Institute,. This is your guarantee of the high standard and good employment prospects after the graduation.Once you obtain your Commercial drivers License, your long term career is assured. There were never better prospects for highly qualified truck drivers, to serve the growing American economy.

Truck Driving in the Summer

There are some industries that are truly seasonal, meaning that the vast majority of their business is transacted during a predictable and limited window of time. While commercial trucking is in demand throughout the year, the spring and summer months may see an increase in freight bills due to the need for the transportation of livestock and produce. Therefore it would behoove an independent owner-operator to lend special consideration to the ways that the summer months can bear on the truck driving experience and the hauling of freight cargo so that the complications can be minimized and you can carry out your responsibilities.

Although the warmer weather is typically considered a delightful break from winter cold and monotonous gloom, a trucker does not get to enjoy much of the outdoor leisure time that makes it so appealing. Instead, an owner-operator has to battle against a multitude of challenges that arise expressly on account of the changes in the climate. Failure to adequately prepare or understand them can be costly for any commercial trucking venture, but especially for a smaller enterprise that lacks the buffer of size to prevent financial calamities.

Summer Driving Concerns

The most obvious difference between summer and the other seasons is the increased temperature. In some parts of the country the difference is minimal, but elsewhere it can be quite dramatic. Some of the issues that may arise are:

  • The increased heat can cause a truck’s engine to overheat, leaving you stranded along the highway and in need of repair
  • The heat can compromise the grip of a tire on the roadway as both the rubber and the tar of a newly laid road surface can soften, making handling and braking less predictable
  • If you are transporting perishable goods, a malfunctioning refrigeration system can lead to spoiling
  • The need to run a truck’s air conditioning can impact fuel efficiency and may increase your gasoline expenses
  • Severe weather events such as tornados, thunder storms, hurricanes, and flooding are more likely to appear in the summer

A Steady Partner

With the unpredictability of summer mishaps and the pressures of unpaid freight bills, you need a partner you can trust. Contact the freight factoring professionals of TBS Factoring Service, LLC.

Things To Contemplate If You’re Considering Becoming A Commercial Truck Driver

Many people are lured into trucking after seeing advertisements in various publications posting extremely high salaries for truck drivers. As a result of seeing these ads they decide that trucking is just what they’ve been looking for. This is especially true for those that are underpaid and unemployed. I suggest that you ignore those inflated salaries as they’re probably are not applicable for new drivers.

Many people jump at the opportunity to become commercial drivers without having sufficient knowledge of what the job entails. Trucking is referred to as a trucking lifestyle because no other occupation is comparable to that of a longhaul truck driver. It takes a special type of person that can live out of a truck spending countless hours driving each day.

Prior to spending the time, money and effort to become a commercial driver one should determine what the life of an over the road driver is really like. By far the best way to make this assessment is to ride with an actual truck driver for a couple of weeks. Life on the road is expensive so budget accordingly.

If you don’t know any truck drivers and live within reasonable distance of a truckstop you can talk to drivers there about their experiences. Ask them to share both the good and bad aspects of trucking with you. Truck drivers typically are very candid about sharing their experiences with interested parties. Talking with a few of them should give you a good idea of what the life of an over the road trucker is really like.Weekends are typically a great time for casual conversations with drivers because many of them remain at truckstops for a large part of the weekend.

Many factors play a part in determining if trucking would be a good career choice for you. If you have a family you must consider the effect a trucking career will have on them. It is important that they support your career choice.Their love and support will increase the likelihood that you will be successful.

Ask yourself if you can handle the solitude and the long driving hours required. Drivers typically are on duty for 14 hours each day with 11 of those being actual driving hours. Oftentimes, the isolation from loved ones for long periods of time is too much for some drivers.

The life of a commercial truck driver leads to an increase in health problems. Many drivers are overweight or obese. Drivers suffer with high rates of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea and other health problems. Drivers also have high levels of stress and depression. Truck drivers reportedly live shorter lives than other workers.

The life of a commercial truck driver is not easy which leads to a very high burnout rate. As you can see there are many factors that should be taken into consideration when contemplating a career as a commercial truck driver.Your personality and expectations will help you to decide if this is a good career choice for you. It’s a decision that is best made with sufficient knowledge and forethought.