Is Formal Education Required for Commercial Truck Drivers?

Most jobs require specific educational background. With the right education, an individual has the opportunity to get into the job he or she wants to be involved in and advance to a higher position in the future.

With truck drivers, although any education will do, there’s an important training course required today by most companies that provide truck delivery services. This is the commercial driver’s license or CDL training provided by licensed truck driving schools. A basic requirement for this course is a proper driving background. In short, a person must be a licensed driver with a clean record before he or she can enroll in this CDL training course.

Having a favorable record is vital because any violations or a conviction may not allow you to take the course. Graduates are also expected to maintain a clean driving record after earning their CDL certificate. A high school diploma is another basic requirement for this course.

A proper truck driving education provides training on various aspects such as on how to maneuver a truck, how to maintain its condition, what to do during emergencies. Theoretical and practical knowledge are provided to students.

To earn a CDL training certificate is different from earning your regular license to drive a private vehicle. Upon enrollment, a manual will be provided to students. This particular manual contains all the necessary information regarding truck maintenance, safe driving, defensive driving and ways to maintain your CDL license, among others.

A licensed instructor is responsible for handling the classes at accredited schools. Make sure that you are enrolled in the right school by first verifying the institution’s credentials from licenses to accreditation. You don’t want to waste your time and money so this is an important step to take.

Practical classes involve real driving along freeways, city roads and parking lots. The school should also have its own driving area if possible.

After graduation, students who have successfully earned their CDL license will have to take a medical exam. This will determine if they’re physically fit to drive a truck. Commercial truck drivers need to undergo this every two years.

Apart from the medical exam, truck drivers must also pass the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations exam. This applies for those in the U.S.

States also have their own examination for aspiring commercial truck drivers. The test involves a knowledge and skill portion to ensure that drivers are well knowledgeable in terms of safety and proper truck driving skills.

Drivers handling trucks can choose to advance to higher positions in the future if they wish. But other than their experience, they have a greater opportunity to go up to the next level and hold management positions if they further their education in the trucking industry. Further studies offered include the associate, bachelor, master’s and PhD programs. Gaining additional certifications and HAZMAT endorsement will also be beneficial.

Remember that having a strong foundation on safe truck driving will help you get to where you want to work. Never ignore the value of education as a way to succeed and advance in your specific field of work.