Startup Expenses For Commercial Trucking

Commercial truck driving, for those who enjoy the open road and the opportunity to control their own careers, offers a wealth of opportunities. Having acquired training and experience as a driver under the orders of a commercial trucking company, you may already have discovered some success as an independent owner-operator and are now seriously considering launching your own small trucking fleet. There are many different decisions that must be made and factors that must be carefully evaluated before taking such a significant entrepreneurial step and the failure to adequately prepare for and assess the situation can doom a new venture before it even really begins.

As an independent owner-operator, in some ways you have no doubt experienced a greater degree of freedom than you had while in the employment of another. But you also likely lacked the resources and abilities that accompany a slightly larger and more established company. This leaves you especially vulnerable to the financial disruptions that arise when a client delays or refuses payment altogether, despite your successful completion of a delivery pursuant to the terms of your established agreement. These monetary challenges can leave you without access to the resources that you need to invest in a new trucking company. Freight factoring might offer a solution to this problem.

Costs to Anticipate

With any new business, there are apt to be a wide variety of expenses that a small business owner must be willing to submit to and be able to withstand before any revenues will be generated, regardless of the brilliance of an idea. A commercial trucking company is no different, and the startup costs that you must be prepared to contend with may include:

  • New vehicle purchases
  • Training expenses
  • Benefits for employees
  • Obtaining appropriate insurance, licensure, and authorizations
  • Marketing and dedicating the necessary time to expanding your client list
  • Purchase of a property for vehicle storage

For Help with Unpaid Freight Bills

We understand that you have big dreams and we want to help you to make them a reality. Contact the freight factoring professionals of TBS Factoring Service, LLC.