Truck Driving in the Summer

There are some industries that are truly seasonal, meaning that the vast majority of their business is transacted during a predictable and limited window of time. While commercial trucking is in demand throughout the year, the spring and summer months may see an increase in freight bills due to the need for the transportation of livestock and produce. Therefore it would behoove an independent owner-operator to lend special consideration to the ways that the summer months can bear on the truck driving experience and the hauling of freight cargo so that the complications can be minimized and you can carry out your responsibilities.

Although the warmer weather is typically considered a delightful break from winter cold and monotonous gloom, a trucker does not get to enjoy much of the outdoor leisure time that makes it so appealing. Instead, an owner-operator has to battle against a multitude of challenges that arise expressly on account of the changes in the climate. Failure to adequately prepare or understand them can be costly for any commercial trucking venture, but especially for a smaller enterprise that lacks the buffer of size to prevent financial calamities.

Summer Driving Concerns

The most obvious difference between summer and the other seasons is the increased temperature. In some parts of the country the difference is minimal, but elsewhere it can be quite dramatic. Some of the issues that may arise are:

  • The increased heat can cause a truck’s engine to overheat, leaving you stranded along the highway and in need of repair
  • The heat can compromise the grip of a tire on the roadway as both the rubber and the tar of a newly laid road surface can soften, making handling and braking less predictable
  • If you are transporting perishable goods, a malfunctioning refrigeration system can lead to spoiling
  • The need to run a truck’s air conditioning can impact fuel efficiency and may increase your gasoline expenses
  • Severe weather events such as tornados, thunder storms, hurricanes, and flooding are more likely to appear in the summer

A Steady Partner

With the unpredictability of summer mishaps and the pressures of unpaid freight bills, you need a partner you can trust. Contact the freight factoring professionals of TBS Factoring Service, LLC.